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Diagnostic Evaluation: During this one hour initial meeting with Dr. Byrne, the two of you will discuss in detail your reason for the consultation and begin the process of how best to work together to achieve your goals.

Individual Psychotherapy:  Uncommon for psychiatrists today, Dr. Byrne is experienced in providing psychotherapy for individual adults, children and adolescents. You may be interested in psychotherapy for yourself or your child in order to address low self-esteem, problematic relationships, depression, frustration, or anxiety. For those people who are also prescribed medication, both treatments can be provided by Dr. Byrne.

Psychoanalysis: An intensive immersion in psychotherapy that helps people get to the "root of the problem". You may be curious about psychoanalysis for yourself or child when you want  to focus on developing a deep understanding of depression or anxiety that has not responded to other treatments. People also choose Psychoanalysis when one feels they are not reaching their full potential or believe their creativity is stunted. This form of treatment can only be done by mental health professionals that have had extensive post graduate training and undergone their own analysis.

Parent Meetings: Sometimes when parents struggle with the behavior of their young child, a series of meetings to understand their child's behavior can be quite useful.

Prescribing/Managing Medication: Although medications for psychiatric symptoms do not always provide a cure, some lessening of the symptoms often occur. As a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist and Adult Psychiatrist, Dr. Byrne may prescribe medication when someone is in significant distress and struggling with symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, excessive worrying, decreased motivation or mood swings.

Consultation with other mental heath providers: Dr. Byrne has taught, mentored, and supervised hundreds of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers over the past 20+ years.